Date of Birth : 02-07-2001

Parent’s Name :  Srinu (late) and Saidamma

Class studying 4th  class

Religion : Catechuman

Condition of the Boy : Semi-Orphan (Lost Father)


Family Background : This boy belongs to a catechumen family. They have no land resource to cultivate. The mother of the boy has to work and feed the children and educate them. There are two children in this family; two are boys.  Bhanu Kumar is the eldest one. The youngest boy is Ganesh. The boy needs your financial help for education and to live in human dignity.



Donner 14 euros

Un mois de scolarité

Donner 28 euros

Deux mois de scolarité

Donner 70 euros

6 mois de scolarité

Donner 140 euros

Toute l'année de scolarité

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