Date of Birth : 06-11-1996

Parent’s Name  Arogyaiah & Showry 

Class studying  : 10  

Religion : Roman Catholic

Condition of the Boy Semi-Orphan

Family Background : The father of the boy died two years ago. He used to feed the family through his daily labor. He died at the age of 40 due to ill health.  The mother of the child is also sick and could not do work daily. There is another girl in the family who is studying 5 Class, and is younger to the boy. Economically they live the life below the poverty line.  The mother finds it difficult to feed the children and provide for their education. They do not have even a proper shelter to stay. They do not have any property of their own. Hence the boy is in need of your concern and financial help to complete his education and live a life of human dignity.


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Un mois de scolarité

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6 mois de scolarité

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Toute l'année de scolarité

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