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Les Économistes et économètres (principalement) au service du secteur Viti-Vini cole

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Founded in 1991, VDQS, a non Profit Association (Law 1901) aims to:

Promote exchanges of research in theoretical and applied enometrics

The interest of the scientific community to the problems related to the wines markets and their environment pushes the VDQS to organize annual conferences on these topics.

Promote relationship between its members

Association meetings, Conferences, round tables, are organized by VDQS bringing together scientists who are highly interested in this new field of investigation which is Enometrics.

Encourage teaching and research

Since 1992, VDQS awards during each conference a price, to honor the best contribution to Enometrics. Also other awards, of local initiative, are presented each year to distinguished speakers by a jury.

Establish contacts with people who have similar interests

VDQS represents Economists and Econometricians among professionals, at a regional, national or international level.

The VDQS association wishes to consolidate all European specialists, and the world’s leading specialists around wine.

It includes the European Association of Wine Economists EuAWE and the Society for Quantification in Gastronomy SQG, but also brings together specialists of other disciplines, such as historians, geographers, lawyers, enologists, doctors, …

Enometrics like as a combination between Enology and Econometrics:

œnométrie (in French) was originally (1838), a measurement of the alcohol content of wine; now, Enometrics is a discipline devoted to measurement and analysis of activities and products linked to wines and alcoholic beverages.

It distributes the works of its members and publish:

On line




A database of roughly 600 scientific papers with open access

The abstracts
of the conferences

Our publications at Palgrave Macmillan

A biannual journal; Enometrica

Les actions de notre association

Le XXIV Colloque International

Il  se tient à BOLOGNE (Italie)  du 07 au 10 juin 2017
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