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One more work camp for the road!

par Vir'Volt - Solidarités Jeunesses Ile-de-France

Help us to make a documentary about our shared adventure in la Ferté-sous-Jouarre (2007-2016)

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Message from 20th April:


After all, we could say it was only a camp site that a left wing local council lent to a group of dreamers, who put up yurts, made wooden caravans and planted cabbages. Not it's time to give la Ferté-sous-Jouarre a makeover by welcoming tourists from around the world in their camping cars...!!

This documentary is a way of saying goodbye to la Ferté-sous-Jouarre. The project, but also the inhabitants of la Ferté, deserve that at least (we deserve that as well). And since we can't really do work camps in the town any more, let's do something else, something which will remain, that we'll be able to share, something beautiful.



 (extracts from the directors' notes)

The film is about the end of an adventure and through this end it tells us something about the adventure as a whole, as it was lived and dreamed by its protagonists. And through this film the adventure becomes the base for a way of seeing the world for the people who lay claim to its heritage.

 It's the epic story of Vir'Volt. The film won't primarily be concerned with establishing the facts, instead it will search for the universal truths which come out of the story. It's a tale which celebrates a collective momentum, built around Vir'Volt, and if each person's memories lead us to the wondrous, we'll receive it as a poetic gift. 


- if you haven't yet donated, by making a donation of just 5 or 10€ you'd be helping us a great deal.

 - encourage people around you to do the same things (grandma, grandad... etc.)

 - share this message on social networks, forward this email to people you know....



After 2 months of the campaign we have received exactly 50 donations, getting us to a total of a little over 1300€! An enormous thank you to all of you who've contributed (see french page for the total amount of money ; ))


Obviously the target of 5000€ hasn't been reached - and probably wont be. But in any case this film will be made and we're extending the collection period by 1 month in the hope that we'll be able to raise half of the original target sum. All in all 50 people isn't a lot compared to the number of people who love this place and this project. We're exploring other sources of finance, and we're probably going to launch a campaign on another site which will be open to the general public.

SUBJECT OF THE DOCUMENTARY: Claude and Pablo, our 2 co-directors, have started to write the film. The idea isn't just to make a film about Vir'Volt. Rather by taking the richness of Vir'Volt's experience and values as a backdrop, they want to make a more universal film about the possibilities and limits of people living together harmoniously. Seen through Vir'Volt's epic journey, this film is as much about exploring the questions posed by a 17 year old as understanding the world's complexity.

Because this piece of land, much more than being a bucolic, sheltered camp site, is an idea of the world.


We think that this film could be of interest to a wider audience than just those who have visited la Ferté-sous-Jouarre. Anyway, soon we'll know much more about what Claude and Pablo have in store for us.... so to be continued.....




After trying for a number of years to find the right place, the Île-de-France delegation of Solidarités Jeunesses set itself up in la Ferté-sous-Jouarre in 2007. Just 8 years and a local election later, things have changed and the organisation has to pack its bags and hit the road again, taking its yurts and traditional wooden caravans with it. Even if the future is uncertain, one thing is sure: what’s been done here must not be forgotten!

<img SRC=http://virvolt.org/IMG/jpg/IMG_6149.jpg>

What we intend to do

With this documentary we aren’t trying to create a premature elegy for Vir’volt, neither do we want to make a teary-eyed film about the project coming to an end. What we want is to keep a record of the incredible human adventure that took place here over the last 9 years.

  • To offer an insight into this attempt at living together in harmony, where each individual had to be able to find their place in the collective, no matter where they came from or where they were going.

  • To explore the impact this extraordinary place has had on the lives of people who have spent time here, some coming from far away, others from a whole lot closer.

  • Finally, we want to cast a critical eye over the inherent imperfections of human organisation and the complexities of a relationship between a place like Vir’volt and its immediate surroundings; the causes of a lack of understanding and the catalysts for positive or negative interactions with the inhabitants of a “small town deep in the Île-de-France region”.

In short, this film intends to stand as a record of the rich adventure which took place in la Ferté-sous-Jouarre, whilst also hoping to follow that adventure somewhere else.

<img SRC=http://virvolt.org/IMG/jpg/photo_camping.jpg>

Origins of the project

The mayor of la Ferté-sous-Jouarre is unwilling to renew Vir’volt’s lease on what used to be the town’s municipal campsite. As such, the organisation must leave la Ferté-sous-Jouarre and face up to this abrupt end to a project which will soon be 9 years old. Hundreds of people are involved with Vir’volt and have selflessly given their time and effort to the association. While the decision may appear harsh and the disappointment felt by many people is very real, it shouldn’t be allowed to eclipse what’s been achieved. Even though the priority is to find a new home for Vir’volt, the last 9 years deserve to be remembered and it would be a shame not to document the organisation’s role in the history of la Ferté-sous-Jouarre, as well as in many people’s lives. Vir’volt should leave la Ferté with its head held high and before creating something new elsewhere, tell the story of this communal, pedagogical, militant and above all, human adventure.

<img SRC=http://virvolt.org/IMG/jpg/IMG_1246.jpg>

Who is this film for?

All sorts of people have set foot inside Vir’volt and rarely were they disappointed with what they found; especially on sunny days, with plenty of people, entertainment and games to be enjoyed. Many of us have experienced unique moments there, moments which we’ll never forget. Lots of us have met special people who’ve contributed to our own development; many others have also given their time and energy to the organisation, maintenance and running of Vir’volt. This film is for us (as the old saying goes, if you want something doing, do it yourself!). That being said, so much the better if this film can reach a wider audience, such as people interested in intercultural projects, advocates for informal education, or those already familiar with voluntary work camps.

<img SRC=http://virvolt.org/IMG/jpg/DSC_0180.jpg>

For what/who do we need the money?

The creation of this documentary is being entrusted to professionals. The length of the film and therefore the work of the documentary makers will depend on the amount of money raised. Friends, volunteers and other people sympathetic to the organisation will also assist in the creation of this documentary where necessary (giving advice, a helping hand or lending equipment).

The script for the film has just recently been started, and you’ll know more very soon about what this documentary will look like…

The film crew

Episode #1: The directors

Having got to know each other through writing workshops, Claude and Pablo have bravely decided to get involved in this work camp in the name of solidarity, despite not really knowing what’s waiting for them and what sort of financial means they will have at their disposition. They’ve already come to Vir’volt and have even filmed the first few shots for the documentary. At the moment they’re mega-busy with writing the documentary itself.

Episode #2: The ‘helping hands’

This finance campaign is made possible by people working in the shadows, voluntary ‘helping hands’ who are dedicated and hardworking, ready to weave, rake, stick, click, polish and shine… From far away and often at night (in order not to be seen), these people voluntarily give their all! As you well know, a work camp is always collective and open, so why not join the ‘helping hands’!?


<img SRC=http://virvolt.org/IMG/jpg/panneau-small.jpg>


And if you like GIFs, follow the VIR'VOLT RETROSPECTIVE HERE.

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Donner 10 euros

You get our eternal gratitude, your name in the credits at the end of the film and an invitation to one last communal and festive event at Vir’volt.

Donner 30 euros

You get our eternal gratitude, your name in the credits at the end of the film, an invitation to one last communal and festive event at Vir’volt and a private screening of the film with our international and local volunteers.

Donner 60 euros

You get our eternal gratitude, your name in the credits at the end of the film, an invitation to one last communal and festive event at Vir’volt, a private screening of the film with our international and local volunteers and an unforgettable night with your nearest and dearest in our extra-special accommodation.

Donner 100 euros

You get our eternal gratitude, your name in the credits at the end of the film, an invitation to one last communal and festive event at Vir’volt, a private screening of the film with our international and local volunteers, an unforgettable night with your nearest and dearest in our extra-special accommodation, plus a special surprise…

Donner 300 euros

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