WeFight4Earth is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to fight climate change by federating world-wide committed experts, speakers, small and medium-size businesses and freelancers who want to inspire the world and plant millions of trees.

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Planting trees in one of the most efficient response to climate emergency : They absorb carbone, reject oxygen in the atmosphere and shelter biodiversity. 26 billons trees are cut down every year on Earth - which represents 40 football fields per minute and the carbon levels have never been so high since the Industrial Revolution. Today, it is time to take action, like the Speakers, Businesses and Coaches For Earth that plant trees every month thanks to their profession.

WeFight4Earth regroups 3 labels : Speaker4Earth, Coach4Earth and Business4Earth, that enable professional speakers, coaches, small and medium-size businesses and freelancers to commit for reforestation and fight climate emergency by planting 1 million trees together, as fast as possible.

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