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WICCAN is an independent, international, non-profit organisation centred in culture, creativity, art, discovery and exchange.

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Friday, 18 March 2011 and Sunday 28/10/2020



WICCAN is an independent, international, non-profit organisation centred in culture, creativity, art, discovery and exchange.
Its main poles of activity are the process of female creativity and promotion  and also the international exchange and sharing of this creative process in its forms and different artefacts, concepts and objects.

The process of creativity includes many different fields of activity such as philosophy, literature, poetry, multilingual communication, languages, translation, interpretation, environmental sciences and practices, painting, sculpture, photography, performance, dance, music, installation, film, video, electronic art media etc, as well as all sorts of original combination of those or other similar activities.
Professional, fund-raising, good management know-how and good communication skills are also very important qualities to the success of WICCAN adventure.

WICCAN is mainly composed of women and is women-identified in its vision and values as well as in its social strategy of creation and promotion.
Nevertheless, men are welcome if they accept and respect the organisation’s guidelines.


WICCAN’s main idea is to have as funding members a relatively small group of active creative individuals from different countries and of different creative or cultural specialisations who ideally know a little bit about each other and of their respective work.

The members shall have to work together on the same theme for a sufficiently long period of time to be able to produce valid inter-disciplinary work, separately and together.

This includes the necessity and possibility of geographical mobility between the members in order to produce work that will be pertinent artistically, culturally and socially to all countries involved in the project as well as to facilitate collaboration and sharing of knowledge and sensitivities between the members.

Furthermore, at the final stage, this mobile working method will facilitate the presentation of the collective final outcome in all the countries involved and beyond.

In practical terms, it will mean that members in an appropriate moment for the project’s development will travel and stay in at least one of the participating countries for at least a week, in order to collaborate with the other members and to better understand them and their countries as well as their ideas for the common project in progress.

In even more practical terms, it will mean also that residential possibilities have to be created or outsourced in each country.


The initial list of participating WICCAN countries includes Greece, France, Austria, Italy, UK, The Netherlands, Spain and Belgium.

We propose France, most specifically Paris, to be the head quarters of WICCAN.