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Experienced and convinced of the importance and international solidarity, we want that Polish Community, Poland and Polish non-governmental organizations engaged in international cooperation:

-to promote democracy, civil liberties and responsibilities of the citizens of the State.
-we want to bring humanitarian aid, development, overcome prejudices and barriers between Nations.
Continuing the joint actions in this field, the representatives of the Polish and Non Government Polish Organizations (NGOs) working outside the country, cite Worldwide Polish Community Federation, at the same time, set up a common single entity which is a Federation of the Polish community in the world.

Combines us belief in the need of respect and partnership attitude towards the Organization and people already working in our countries. We respect intercultural differences, and our actions are characterized by tolerance and openness to people of different traditions, cultures and religions. Considering our goals: developing and defending the democratic values, the protection of human rights and respect for the rights in our countries and the eradication of poverty, we are convinced that only civil society they can meet. At the same time we declare support for such activities in all parts of the world where our help will be needed.
We want to resist the international cooperation on professional standards such as:
-to promote the development of our partners in Poland and beyond its borders,
-action for marginalized groups, including efforts to reduce gender inequalities,
-dissemination of developmental education and raising awareness regarding the need of international aid.

We want to use responsible fundraising methods and strive to ensure that our work brought lasting effects.

Opposed to this who want or already have their actions to destroy State democracy from Polish Roots in each similar case.

We do not support those who violate human rights, incites violence or violence.
Worldwide Polish Community Federation is a Union of Associations created equal and independently as a non-governmental organizations, which leading separately business and legal natural persons who want to work for the achievement of the objectives of all traffic.

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13 Bis Avenue de la Motte Picquet 75007 Paris

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