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Help Indian wheelchair rugby players to fulfil their dream: play with French players

Rugby is a sport loved by people of all ages and social backgrounds across the globe. The spirit of great sportsmanship and teamwork is unparalleled in any other discipline. Wheelchair Rugby is equally dynamic and shares the same spirit, but it’s likely you have never seen a Wheelchair Rugby game. You don’t know what you are missing!

Project presentation

« Promoting access to the specially abled », that’s what we stand for at XLability. A French 1901 association, XLability is for the reduction of social exclusion that affect people with disabilities. The Franco Indian Wheelchair Rugby exchange programme is a 3 year project that will enable disabled individuals from the Delhi Warriors Wheelchair Rugby team to receive training from the players and trainers of the French teams Stade Toulousain and Stade Toulon Wheelchair Rugby teams.

The campaign concerns the first year of the XLability project: to enable the players from the Toulon and the Toulouse team play in India so that they can train the indian team players. 

The objectives for the Indian team are to: 

- Build their independence and self-esteem 

- Develop their physical ability and skills in the discipline

- Contribute to the movement for social equity as ambassadors for the disabled in India

- Become a sponsor of this social responsibility programme. We are seeking donations to finance the Wheelchair Rugby exchange and put the cause for disability equity under the international spotlight. 

However, the Indian team the "Delhi Warriors" plans to participate in an international tournament in Indonesia, Jakarta. The team has received an invitation from the Indonesian Wheelchair Rugby Federation to participate to the TAFISA  tornamenet in Jakarta, between October 6th and 10th 2016. Their budget is 400 000 rupees (around 5300 euros). It's the first time the team will play such a game like that.

Project origin

The exchange rugby project existes since January 2016. Both, Emeric Pezin and his friend Michael Barrett realised that the Indian wheelchair team players didn't have the budget and didn't have the adequate material to play rugby in India. They noticed that in France, the wheelchair players had the good equipment to properly play rugby on wheelchair. That's why Emetic passion living in France, and Michael Barrett in India, they decided to create this wheelchair rugby exchange program between France and India. The first step is to enable the French team come to India and train the Indian team, so that after the Indian team plays correctly with good techniques of the game. The second step is that both teams play a real tournament. 


How money will be used

For the tournament in Indonesia: the 400 000 rupees will enable to pay the whole trip for the 8 players and the 3 staff members that will go to play and that will be useful for the equipment material. 

For the XLability project: the money collected will be used for several actions:  pay the flight tickets for the French trainers/players, as well as the teams accommodation,  the purchase of several occasion wheelchair  rugby  (that the French players will be able to take to India). Thanks to that , the Delhi team receive a better and more modern equipment. 

The money will also enable to pay the communication and logistical costs L'argent permettra aussi de payer les frais de communication et de logistique, and also to pay an expert in the project management.

Thanks to this money, several players on rugby wheelchairs will be able to play with French professional. This would facilitate their daily life. That's why the XLability project is an important contributor to this public awareness campaign, thanks to the media coverage it will create in India, France and hopefully above that. 

The team 

Emeric Pezin, French: President

Emeric, 39, is a former national level sportsman having competed for France as a Young sailor in international competitions. He continued his passion professionally by creating a maintenance software company specifically for the maritime sector, which he has successfully run for over 15 years. With a deep understanding of the importance of sport for personal fulfilment and confidence from personal experience, Emeric is a staunch supporter of promoting disability sports and raising awareness for the cause.

Emilie Pezin, French: Treasurer

Emilie, 38, is a former model and no stranger to the importance of physical well-being and sense of achievement, whether through the stage or sports. She has worked in insurance and finance for over 15 years in Marseille and now Toulon where she successfully runs one of the city’s largest insurance brokerages for Axa. She dedicates her spare time to her 2 daughters, on whom she is keen to impress the importance of social justice and inclusion, irrespective of race, religion or physical ability.

Michael Barrett, British: Secretary

Michael has been living in India since 2010. He created as a means to help the numerous organisations connect with equally numerous souls wishing to give back to society, while living or travelling abroad. In November 2015, became the official website of The Soulcial Trust, an Indian NGO of which Michael is Director. In addition to running The Soulcial Trust Michael manages a trade association for the duty free and travel retail industry in the Asia Pacific region.

Thanks for donating as much as you want ! Nous voulons sensibiliser, responsabiliser et changer les mentalités !

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