Social inclusion through sports in Cambodia: support XLability program!

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For a social, soulful society

Cambodia experienced one of the most horrific destructions of a people’s culture, economy, and social fabric because of civil war and the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge. 

5% of the Cambodian population live with a disability. However, without a proper census of rural areas, it is difficult to estimate the actual number who are disabled. Children with disabilities meet many challenges regarding access to education. Only 10% of the children with disability attend school.

In addition, individuals with disabilities encounter more difficulties finding jobs than those without disabilities. This could be due to their inaccessibility to training, the lack of education, and a scarcity of job opportunities. Statistics from 2004 indicate that people with disabilities in Cambodia generally earn 65% less than people without the same challenges.

Our mission is to raise awareness about social issues and causes for disability issues and environmental concerns. Soulcial Trust harnesses the collaborative spirit of community to transform. We believe that every actor—whether an individual or organization—that participates in an initiative adds value towards achieving our common goal of a social, soulful society.

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What do we do?

Soulcial Trust’s main mission is to support the social inclusion of people with disabilities through sports in Cambodia.

We offer:

  • Wheelchair basketball 
  • Blind football
  • Dance Therapy for kids on the spectrum of autism
  • Touch rugby for kids with hearing and speech impairement

We also offer sign language and disability awareness courses, to teach children about the challenges and triumphs for people living with disabilities. The class focuses on ways for all of us to be part of the solution to overcome disability’s social stigma. In addition, our curriculum has wheelchair sports demonstrations and talks from our ambassadors sharing their experiences. Reaching children and youth is essential to creating a society that celebrates inclusiveness and support for all people.

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help us break the cycle of isolation that too often characterises the lives of people with physical or mental disability, especially in low income and rural communities. 


support our XLability programme. Your contribution will help us run our projects, provide equipement to increase the training conditions, pay for the transportation and coaches' salaries, attend international events, build self-esteem among our players, and go further! 

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