Zero Waste Design : concevoir selon les principes de l'économie circulaire

par Zero Waste France

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A workshop by Manuela Yamada, cofounder of Materia Brasil

Le workshop se déroulera en anglais - mais plusieurs personnes bilingues seront présentes et pourront faciliter la communication pour les personnes ayant des difficultés à s'exprimer en anglais !

In our chaotic ever changing world design, collaboration and sustainability are the key for us to build new paradigms and shift towards a more sustainable development. On this four hours hands-on workshop you'll be invited to explore how to design for a circular economy/zero waste society, demystifying key concepts that will enable this systemic disruption towards sustainable development.

A propos de Manuel Yamada, qui animera ce workshop :
An enthusiastic industrial designer entrepreneur who believes we can change the system through collective work. Since 2013 I joined MateriaBrasil working on how to bring topics like circular economy, open source tech, maker movement, sharing economy and community building, to projects with high positive impact. At my company we runt he biggest open source platform on sustainable materials making knowledge available and empowering people. Also co-founder of GOMA, a collaborative space in Rio de Janeiro, along with 62 other crazy innovators!

A propos de MateriaBrasil :
MateriaBrasil is a company that aims to make positive social environmental impact through design and consultancy. We are considered a reference centre in materials, systems, design, manufacturing processes and consumption with high levels of social-environmental responsibility. Our main goals are: to spread valuable information about sustainability, to foster the values to a more sustainable economy, to provide responsible choices for professionals and users and to develop projects that generate positive impact.