Training and rehabilitation of people with special needs in Syria

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This campaign aims to raise funds for the rehabilitation and training of young people with disabilities displaced in the camps of the north of Syria in professional trades, namely mobile phone maintenance, electric motor maintenance, electronic marketing, and psychological support for them with the purchase of the necessary equipment for them after completing the training in order to practice the profession in which they were trained.

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The challenge

The displacement movement increased significantly at the end of 2020, towards the north of Idlib to the camps, where the humanitarian situation deteriorated significantly in those areas, especially young people with disabilities.

These young people with disabilities suffer from a deterioration in their psychological state, social isolation, and great weakness in economic conditions, as these young people lost their job, which is their source of income after injury, and they need vocational training to improve their economic income.

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The solution

ZoomIn has always been keen to provide services to the most vulnerable groups: displaced women, people with disabilities in society, in terms of providing vocational training, increasing technical capabilities, and helping them get out of their isolation and improve their income.

Through the campaign, we aim to secure funds to train 20 young people with disabilities in the northern Syrian camps on the professions of mobile phone maintenance and engine maintenance, and to provide them with financial support to purchase their work equipment.

Long-term effect:

Your contribution and donations will be a reason to help 20 young people with disabilities who are displaced in northern Syria to be able to learn a new profession commensurate with their disability, while buying the necessary equipment for this profession, thus improving their income and removing them from their social isolation to be active people in society.