ZWDO Collective

Éducation et formation

Nous œuvrons à la réduction du gaspillage textile dans l'industrie de l'habillement par le développement de ressources éducatives alternatives sur le Zero Waste Design.

Nos actions en cours

Nous sommes actuellement en train de mettre en place nos prochaines initiatives. Revenez bientôt pour ne rien manquer !

Qui sommes-nous ?

We seek to transform the industry through education, community collaboration and open dialogue around garment construction, pattern cutting, design methods and innovative use of technology.

Our objective is to provide online alternative educational resources that are accessible from anywhere in the world. We want all garment makers to be equipped with a sharper understanding of both systemic issues we need to address and the potential of solutions that can be developed together. 

We have come together to develop the first platform of its kind - one that creates a safe and inclusive space for people to learn, explore and collaborate on Zero Waste garment making ideas together. It is a platform that promotes  innovative methods, techniques and thinking for a better fashion future.