Helping children into education in Nepal !

par Allex Dorothée
au profit de Street Child France

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Helping children into education in Nepal !

par Allex Dorothée
au profit de Street Child France

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 April 2015, Nepal suffered a catastrophic earthquake which damaged or destroyed more than 50,000 classrooms and left over a million children out of school. 


Street Child is committed to education, child protection and family empowerment

Street Child is an NGO working, since 2008, with rural communities in West Africa and Nepal to build schools, train teachers, educate families about the importance of education, and ensure that all solutions are effective in the long term.

Since 2015, Street Child has helped Nepal rebuild schools in the earthquake-hit communities and works with the country's most marginalized communities, where children's chances of being educated are low.

Nowadays, Street Child is supporting 4,000 children and over 1,000 teachers, parents and community members across 200 schools in earthquake-impacted communities. 


These results are encouraging, but we can do better !

The mobilization efforts must be continued, that's why I join the NGO Street Child.

Who am I ?


My name is Dorothée and I am graduated with a Master's degree in Population Studies.

I would like to work in the humanitarian sector. The reasons for it are quite complex : my desire for discovery is as strong as my desire for action.

In my opinion, life only makes sense if you are fully involved in what you do. I am fascinated about the great diversity of cultures, languages, values, religions one can find in the world but quite appalled about the huge contrast between wealth and poverty.

I am at the early stage of my career and I definitely would like to experience personally how the world is.

I want to have a ground experience, analyse the situation of a country and be able to find solutions to support and help to bring vulnerable people a better life.

I am passionate about everything the world has to share. DIVERSITY is the GREATEST WEALTH !


My experience in Thailand with refugees

I felt the desire to make a career in the humanitarian sector after a trip of 4 months made 2 years ago in Thailand, in the framework of my final year project.

Living in the same precarious conditions as refugees (isolated area, without electricity or running water) and listening to their overwhelming testimony made me think about life and transformed me.

It has allowed me to increase my understanding of the places and community in which I worked; and above all, it convinced me of the importance of asserting the human rights in our society with the aim of protecting people, and consequently struggling against discrimination and inequality, for the welfare of human beings.

Reaching out to the most vulnerable people and helping them by responding to their needs has become for me a goal of life.


Today, I am determined to acquire the necessary experience and skills to be able to work and coordinate projects in the field of development and humanitarian sector.

Participating in this educational program in Nepal represents for me a new challenge that I wish to succeed.

And for this reason, I need your support !

Why should you help me?

Because you want to give children the opportunity to benefit from the best educational opportunities.

By contributing to my project, you will become an important player and you will have a social impact.

It is by acting together that we can make things happen and only commitment makes performance. 

What's supporter's donations equate to ?

Your support and donations can have a huge impact on Street Child's projects, 

and can significantly improve the lives of a whole community.


Here's what your donations can bring:

30 € : Send a child to school for a year.
50 €  : Provide a small business grant to a family to keep their child in school.
200 €  : Pay a rural teacher's salary for a year.
1000 €  : Refurbish and ressource a rural school.
2500 €  : Help a rural community gain a first ever school.


Don't forget ! there is no small donations,

even the smallest donations can make

a big impact !

To thank you, I invite you to follow me through social networks (Facebook and Instagram) in this extraordinary adventure 

in Nepal that will start for me in September.

You will be able to follow the various stages of development of our projects in the field, through my photos and videos.

For more information, visit the official

websites: Street Child France and Street Child UK

A big THANK YOU to all of you

for your support and consideration!



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