I run, you eat, we raise

par Aude Letter

au profit de Helping Hands - Run & Raise

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I run, you eat, we raise

I am not a great runner, so participating to the 10Km during the Nice semi marathon is quite something for me. But if it's done to raise money for Helping Hand's charity projects, including the one I support, Kenyan Kids, then I accept the challenge! 

Not to mention that it's fun to propose any kind of crazy challenges for this race.

I suggest an easy way to raise money : 

  • for 150€ collected, I will bring croissants to any of those who participated to raising this amount,
  • for 350€ collected, I will go to lunch one day as a cosplay with a fellow Amadeus colleague.

  • some special challenges for the teams with I work with: 
- for 70€ collected from any of those people, I will bring croissants to our next sprint demo for all the scrums present,
- for 150€ collected from any of those people, I will bring at the office a chocolate & banana cake I baked, since last time it had a lot of success.
- for 200€ collected from any of those people, I will bring at the office a chocolate fudge cake I baked the week after I brought the other cake.

  • some special challenges for my chinese class:
  for 50€ collected from any of my classmates, I will bring a cake I baked and tea in class.


Ils s'engagent à nos côtés !

Delphine Mur - 30 €

Julien Cojan - 20 €

i a - 30 €

Hugo Rosario - 20 €

Allez Aude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vite vite vite !!

Cuifang ZHU - 20 €

Je te soutiens Aude!!

celine chevrollier - 20 €

Muriel Etievant - 30 €

Go Aude Go, I believe in you!!! (and definitely wish to see you dressed up as a cosplay!)

Vanessa ADJAVON - 30 €

Great initiative.

Asmae BOUDDOU - 30 €

Run Aude Run

Aude Letter - 30 €

260 €
sur 1 000 €
Collecte terminée

Helping Hands - Run & Raise

Run&Raise: A fundraiser organised by Helping Hands , association of Amadeus employees (and friends) in Nice