R&D United

par Jacques VALERO
au profit de Helping Hands - Run & Raise

Rocking and Donating together

"R&D United" is for all R&D team members.

Have fun and run together while raising money for our charitative association Helping Hands

Interesting & Fun challenges

  • Every 500 € collected: Fun picture of an R&D person on the theme 
    We have already some interesting commitment from R&D top management

  • On top, every 1000 euros collected: Fun picture of a PEG Weekly Manager Meeting on the theme

  • When reaching 10000 euros, a collect by Top Management will be organised at the cantine to get extra money

Donner 20 euros

Donner 50 euros

Donner 100 euros

Donner 150 euros

Gabriel Cholet
Nouveau défi atteint ! :-)
Jacopo Silvestro