R&D United

au profit de Helping Hands - Run & Raise

Rocking and Donating together

"R&D United" is for all R&D team members.

Have fun and run together while raising money for our charitative association Helping Hands

Interesting & Fun challenges

  • Every 500 € collected: Fun picture of an R&D person on the theme 
    We have already some interesting commitment from R&D top management

  • On top, every 1000 euros collected: Fun picture of a PEG Weekly Manager Meeting on the theme

  • When reaching 10000 euros, a collect by Top Management will be organised at the cantine to get extra money

Donner 20 euros

Donner 50 euros

Donner 100 euros

Donner 150 euros

Association Helping Hands - Run & Raise

Helping Hands - Run & Raise

Run&Raise: A fundraiser organised by Helping Hands , association of Amadeus employees (and friends) in Nice

Gabriel Cholet
Nouveau défi atteint ! :-)
Jacopo Silvestro