au profit de Helping Hands - Run & Raise


par Kanchi Bekkers
au profit de Helping Hands - Run & Raise

RDM for Helping Hands

 A “challenge” to R&D-RDM team members , come run with Denis, raise money for charity and have fun!!

We have several challenges:


                500 EUR           Denis will wear a ridiculous disguise at the run

               1000 EUR          Denis will visit all floors of all RDM buildings in Sophia, handing out sweets,  and say hello to everyone he meets

               2000 EUR          Denis will jump into the water after the run

               3000 EUR +      Not only Denis but also the management team will jump into the water!

Donner 20 euros

Donner 50 euros

Donner 100 euros

Donner 150 euros

Association Helping Hands - Run & Raise

Helping Hands - Run & Raise

Run&Raise: A fundraiser organised by Helping Hands , association of Amadeus employees (and friends) in Nice

Sylvain Vasseur
Joao Ferreira
I want to see a ponytailed Batman ! Go RDM!
Valerie Vanlerberghe