Scality Rocks Course du Coeur

au profit de Laurette Fugain

Scality Rocks Course du Coeur

par Laure Vergeron
au profit de Laurette Fugain

Scality Rocks Course du Coeur - Laurette Fugain

Scality provides large companies with software defined storage. Part of our ethos is social responsibility, and this year we're illustrating this commitment by participating to the Course du Coeur with a very international team. The Course du Coeur is a 750km race aiming at raising awareness about organ transplantation. Scality is a global company, and has taken to heart to start a conversation in every one of its offices about organ donation. Learn about our actions on our Course du Coeur blog!

On top of that, we also wish to support an NGO financially, and we chose Laurette Fugain for their stellar record. Laurette Fugain fights against leukaemia by promoting blood/platelets/plasma/chord/bone marrow donation, by funding research, and by providing hospital units with equipment to make patients' lives easier.

Scality has chosen to support research projects selected by Laurette Fugain for their rigor and potential.

If you, like us, believe medical research against blood-borne illnesses needs help, please give to Laurette Fugain! Thanks from all of us!

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Association Laurette Fugain

Laurette Fugain

Créée en 2002, Laurette Fugain lutte contre la leucémie (financement de la recherche, mobilisation autour des dons de vie, aide aux malades et aux familles).

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