BBVA Runs for Margo

par BBVA GM France Running Team
au profit de IMAGINE FOR MARGO- Children without cancer

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BBVA Runs for Margo

par BBVA GM France Running Team
au profit de IMAGINE FOR MARGO- Children without cancer

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We are four french BBVA employees to participate to the race of 20K of Paris on the 14th October 2018. We would like to run for a noble cause and we choose to support the association "Imagine for Margo".

You could give us your support for this achievement.

Together, let's collect funds in the name of the association "Imagine for Margo Children without Cancer"

Below more details about the event and the association we support :

The event ?

The 20 Kilomètres de Paris (Paris 20 km) is an annual road running competition over 20 kilometres which takes place on the streets of Paris, France in October. First held in 1979, the race attracts top level international competitors and holds IAAF Bronze Label Road Race status.[1]

The Association we support?

Imagine For Margo, Children without Cancer

Mission ?

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children with 1 child in 440 diagnosed before the age of 15. These numbers have been increasing by 1% to 2% a year for the past 30 years. With 60 different types, these cancers remain “rare diseases” so research for new treatments is not financially profitable for pharmaceutical companies. Today only 2% of cancer research expenses are allocated to children. Consequently, most of the medicines administered to children are « off label », that is medicines developed for and tested on adults, and not officially authorized for use in children. This situation is unacceptable, so that is why we have decided to mobilize with for our main mission, development of European researchon innovative and specific treatments to help children in their fight against this disease. « With I4M we wish to give a boost to research on childhood cancer».

Origin ?

Margaux died on June 7th, 2010 of an aggressive brain tumor. She was 14 years old.

For 16 months, shefought hercancer with remarkable courage. She keptherradiant smile and remained more concernedabout others than she was about herself. In March 2009, Margauxinitiated a fund raisingcampaign which generated an immense outpouring of generosity and solidarity. 103 000 Euros wasgiven to the pediatric team at the Institute of cancer research GustaveRoussy in Villejuif enabling them to finalize their study ofhigh grade gliomas. « Go, Fight, Win »is the message of life from Margauxthat we found in her exercise books after her death and that we want to convey through the association.

If you want more information :

Let's RUN for Margo

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